Díðrikur Doves
and Other Hidden Treasures

Cave Paintings Reimagined

Edward Fuglø
The original illustrations on this page can been seen at the Sandoy Museum.

Díðrikur of Skarvanes

Cock and Hen, ca. 1830

One of his works depicts a cock in bright yellow, black and other colours, and a multi-coloured hen with a markedly black belly. Both birds are skilfully drawn. They are in profile, each standing on their own rock. They stand out from the background with their bright colours. Díðrikur has played with colours in such a way that the birds seem magical, brighter than normal. They are also unrealistically flat and unnaturally staged. It is hard to know what Díðrikur intends. Perhaps he just wants to point out the artistic license he takes.

The original images can been seen at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands.

Díðrikur of Skarvanes

Moon Doves, 1840

Díðrikur was a farmhand in Sandoy. For a while he worked for a priest who was interested in nature. When at his house, the young farmhand had seen some bird books, and he transformed the illustration into folk art.

One of the sheets bears the title Moon Doves—this is what rock doves, which lay one egg a month during spring, used to be called.

The original images can been seen at the National Gallery of the Faroe Islands.

Sunleif Rasmussen

The music

Recognized Faroese composer Sunleif Rasmussen dreamt of this melody in his sleep: a diverse choir singing beautifully in harmony. As he listened, the chorus revealed itself—taken from the song 'Tvey hjørtu, tveir skuggar, tvey andlit' (Two Hearts, two shadows, two faces) by The Snowflakes. The lyrics felt fitting, prompting him to jot down ideas over months to bring his dream to life.

The basic tracks capture the drips from the tunnel to Sandoy being drilled, as the tunnel was not yet seaworthy and the roads were in an un-asphalted state. The second track mirrors the sound of a jeep navigating a rugged road. From these sound sources, the dripping notes appear, weaving through the entirety of this musical composition.

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